We are Aliyah Sefarad International (ASI) & the Sefardic DNA Research Center, a division of the Sefardic Research & Education Institute, Inc. (SREI) a 501(c)3 humanitarian organization located in the City of Sanford, Florida, diligently endeavoring to help the Sefardic cause. Through the efforts of ASI there is a 2 part Sefardic DNA Project. Regarding part 1 of our Sefardic DNA Project, there exists an exclusive written agreement between ASI and the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN) at the prestigious Ben Gurion University in Israel to help find a cure for the Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). We are tirelessly working on establishing a fundraiser to reach our intended goal of $1.5 Million. to personally deliver every cent to the NIBN to begin the great task of finding the cure for this debilitating killer...MJD. We can not do this alone...we desperately need your help. Please give to this worthy cause.

MJD: The Scientific, Medical Explanation

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