There is a disease that is found among descendants of Sefardic
Jews from Spain. It is called Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). It is
classified as an “Orphan” Disease. Titled Orphan diseases due to
the fact of the small number of people inflicted with the particular illnesses listed. In some instances they could number only several hundred or perhaps just a handful of people. MJD is at the very top of the list since it is the only one in that category that mimics 3 other famous diseases: Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy, and Multiple Sclerosis. This is the reason many Latinos today are being “misdiagnosed” with having one of the famous 3. The doctors look at the symptoms and see a “mirror” of one of the famous 3. Naturally they prescribe a regimen of therapy, including some meds that work quite well for the other 3. For example, in the 1990’s there were no medicines for Multiple Sclerosis. But now since the the early 2000’s there are now 10. None of them a cure, but certainly they allow relief and in some cases real freedom of movement. But none of these work on MJD. About 6 labs worldwide have been studying MJD for several years now. Aliyah Sefarad International (ASI) along with the Sefardic DNA Research Center(A Division of ASI) is the only organization in the world with an exclusive written agreement, with the National Institute of Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN) located at the prestigious Ben Gurion University in Israel to help find a cure for MJD. Aliyah Sefarad International (ASI) and the Natitional Institute for Biotechnology (NIBN) have entered into a collaborative effort with The Israeli Machado Joseph Association headed by Dr. Tomer Hillel. We are endeavoring to raise the finances needed to begin this most important process. The experts at NIBN say that they beleive they can have a cure for MJD within no more than a two year period. We need your help. We can
not do this alone. Together we can help find a cure for this debilitating killer.
Please give what you can. Donate Today! Thank You and Shalom.



MJD: The Scientific, Medical Explanation

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