What is Machado Joseph Disease


Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) is a disease found among descendents of Sefardic Jews from Spain.  It's classified as an “Orphan” Disease, due to a limited populous of individuals actually suffering with the ailment. Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) is an ailment which is a reality to hundreds of people.  Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) is at the very top of the list of priority ailments since it categorically mimics three other famous diseases: Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis. It's commonly believed that many people are being “misdiagnosed” with having one of the famous three ailments instead of the correct ailment known as Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). Medical practitioners look at the symptoms, reviews and charts from testing and commonly assess the diagnosis as being one of the three main muscular disorders. Naturally they prescribe a regimen of therapy, including some medications that work quite well for the other the other three ailments. For example, in the 1990’s there were no medicines for Multiple Sclerosis. But now since the the early 2000’s there are now approximately ten. None of them a cure, but certainly they allow relief and in some cases real freedom of movement. However, the treatments are inconsistent in being able to effectively treat Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). About six labs worldwide have been studying Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) for several years now. Aliyah Sefarad International (ASI) along with the Sefardic DNA Research Center(A Division of ASI) are the only organizations in the world with an exclusive written agreement, with the National Institute of Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN) located at the prestigious Ben Gurion University in Israel to help find a cure for Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). Aliyah Sefarad International (ASI) and the Natitional Institute for Biotechnology (NIBN) have entered into a collaborative effort with The Israeli Machado Joseph Association headed by Dr. Tomer Hillel. We are endeavoring to raise the finances needed to begin this most important process. The experts at the National Institute for Bitechnology (NIBN) estimate there being a cure in sight for Machado Joseph Disease (MJD) within no more than a two year period. We need your help. We cannot do this alone. Together we can help find a cure for this debilitating killer. Please give what you can. Donate Today! Thank You and Shalom.


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The crippling affects of Machado Joseph Disease is in need of a cure. A cure for Machado Joseph Disease can be useful in curing other related ailments.


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